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What do customers say about UNIFORM?

UNIFORM-Agri provides customers with herd management software around the world. With over 10,000 users we have changed the way of farming for many farmers all around the world. They save time and have optimized their milking performance. Read their comments below to learn more about their findings.


Name: Ferme turcotte et fils
Place: Saint Bruno, Canada
Farm: 123 cows
Name: Smolevichi Dairies – Marius Zoodsma
Place: Smolevichi, Minsk region, Belarus
Farm: 4,200 cows + 4,200 youngstock
Program: UNIFORM Global Professional
Name: Mari, SeriVet Asturgalaico
Place: Ribadeo, Spain
Farm: Vet team
Program: UNIFORM Repro VET Multiherd Basic
Name: Eduardo Saratxaga, Zaldubitxi Sociedad Cooperativa
Place: Delika in Álava, Spain
Farm: 120 milking cows and youngstock.
Program: UNIFORM Repro Professional
Name: Andreas Thoben, Thoben GbR
Place: Aurich Dietrichsfeld in Ostfriesland, Germany
Farm: 270 milking cows, 250 youngstock. 150 ha.
Program: UNIFORM Global Professional
Name: Lohmanns Hof KG
Place: Scheeßel in Niedersachsen (training farm), Germany
Farm: 330 milking cows, 120 youngstock. 250 ha.
Program: UNIFORM Global Professional