What do customers say about UNIFORM?

UNIFORM-Agri provides customers with herd management software around the world. With over 17,000 users we have changed the way of farming for many farmers all around the world. They save time and have optimized their milking performance. Read their reviews below to learn more about their findings.

Testimonials UNIFORM-Agri

Outback Acres farm

Debbie, André and daughters are the proud owners of Outback Acres Farm. They use UNIFORM Beef to manage their beef herd in the Eastern townships of Quebec. Debbie explains how UNIFORM Beef has been helpful for them management wise, especially being members of the VBP+ (Verified Beef Production Plus) program.

Ferme Fleuralic

Pier-Luc and Vanessa explain why they opted for UNIFORM-Agri as the herd management software for their organic farm. Efficiency and simplicity, what more to ask for!

Clarkview holsteins

Using UNIFORM-Agri for the past year has made the daily tasks on Mary’s farm so much easier. She is able to keep everything up to date with just a couple simple clicks!

UNIFORM Goat app Dutchdelta

The Kusters family has a dairy goat farm in Ontario, Canada. They currently are milking 700 goats and use the UNIFORM-Agri software as well as the app to help them with their daily activities.

Crackholm Holsteins

In this video David Crack talks about his experience with the UNIFORM management program and how it helps managing his farm.

Reviews UNIFORM-Agri

Guillaume Brillant is one of our new customers in St-Fabien, Canada. He has worked with UNIFORM for a year now and he’s very happy about it.

Ferme Bienvenu

Meet Daniel and André Bienvenu. They are the 4th generation on Fermes Rosaire Bienvenu et Fils in Upton, Canada. One thing they like about the UNIFORM software is the App.


“Its been a year now since we have started using UNIFORM-Agri. This was one of the best moves we have made on our farm.”


All the rate related to it like the insemination, conception and pregnancy rates are very handy for me, and the most important, always available.

Ferme Parkhurst Quebec 752x510

Olivier Leclerc, one of our customers in Quebec, Canada, tells us about his experience with the UNIFORM software.

UNIFORM-Agri reviews

Pier-Luc Fortin from Ferme Duc For has been using UNIFORM for more than 3 years now. He is a seasoned and very advanced user of our software.