Version: 5.4 upwards (Desktop)
  Minimum Advised
Operating System: Windows 8.1 **** / ***** Windows 10 or higher * / ****/ *****
Screen Resolution: 1280×1024** 1920×1080, if separate
monitor >23’’ ***
Free disk space: 4 GB 8 GB
Ram: Windows 8.1: 4 GB Windows 10 or higher: 8GB
Processor: Win 8.1, 1 gigahertz (GHz) Intel i3 5th gen or similar AMD Win 10, Intel i5 8th gen or higher or
AMD Ryzen Zen 2 or higher
Drive: HDD SSD
Com port (in case of a link
through the com port):*
1 2
    Internet connection

* Its advised to check if the process computer software is compatible with windows 8.1 or 10. For certain links a pro version is needed!
** For Dutch customers the weather is only showed on the dashboard from 1920×1080.
*** The bigger the screen the bigger the font will be.
**** We don’t support Windows Surface and Windows S
***** Only registered, legal and updated Windows are supported

These requirements are solely for the UNIFORM management program. System requirements of other programs might deviate from the UNIFORM system requirements. In case other programs are installed or need to be installed on the same computer, please check with the relevant supplier what the system requirements are for that program.

UNIFORM App (Smartphone)
  Minimum* Advised
Operating System: Android 6.0
iOS 11
Android 10.0 or higher
iOS 14.5 or higher
Screen Resolution: No minimum, but will limit user
Higher than 480 x 800
Processor:  ARM processor + NEON support More than 1.5 GHz
Internal memory: 1024MB 1500MB or more

* The performance might be very low but working.