Smolevichi Dairies, Minsk Region, Belarus

Smolevichi Dairies

Minsk region, Belarus

4,200 dairy cows

UNIFORM Global Professional

One of our satisfied customers is Marius Zoodsma, currently running a farm in Smolevichi, a city in the Minsk region in Belarus. On this farm they have 4,200 cows and 4,200 youngstock. At the office there are 2 ladies updating the UNIFORM-Agri herd management software constantly with vet info, insemination info etc. Next to that they are in charge of printing the ‘to do lists’ for the vets/inseminators/preg-checks etc. The large size of the dairy farm (4.200 cows + 4.200 young stock) is their biggest challenge, so they choose UNIFORM herd management software to help them to control a big herd, keep track and provide instant information. We have asked Mr. Zoodsma why.

Mr. Zoodsma: ‘We chose to use the herd management software of UNIFORM-Agri, because of the easy language change, the European KPI’s and the ability to have multiple users and add multiple herds. On top of that, they priovide a good helpdesk/service and at that time they were one of the few independent software suppliers on the market. When you ask me, I would recommend this herd management software, because it’s easy to use and easy to monitor and gain control of the herd. Especially in bigger herds (plus 200 heads) it’s an absolute necessity for management. When it comes to interaction between process computer and UNIFORM and feeding computer it’s flawless.’