Family tree


Family tree On the animal record in the UNIFORM program, the last tab displays the pedigree information. By default it shows you the sire, dam, dams sire and offspring information. If you would like to see more historical pedigree data, you can click on the [Familytree] button in the lower right corner. This [...]

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Pregnant from previous insemination


Pregnant from previous insemination When you have a pregnancy check on your farm it could be that there is a cow pregnant from a previous insemination. In the UNIFORM program, it’s easy to confirm that in daily events. At first there are two settings (in General Settings) that need to be checked (under Cow [...]

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Feeding-Individual Curve


Feeding Individual Curve In the previous “Tip from the helpdesk” we discussed ‘individual bonus’. We will now look at the individual curve. When a cow needs a supplementary feed amount to the regular feed, for example when the milk yield is low because she is ill, an individual curve can be set up. What [...]

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Feeding Bonus


Feeding bonus In the Feeding module there are a lot of possibilities to create custom feeding plans for cows. One of the options is the Individual Bonus. In this Tip from the help desk, we explain how to give a cow a bonus and what is important to consider. When a cow needs (a [...]

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Check The Dashboard Settings


Check The Dashboard Settings The dashboard shows the general information of the farm, you see some graphs and tables. Sometimes we see that there are empty overviews or you can choose some other overviews that fits better with your farm! Where can you find the dashboard settings? When you click over here [...]

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Automate task – backups


Automate task- create backup It is important for every user that the UNIFORM program performs the automatic tasks properly and especially the automatic task “ Backup”. If your PC always makes a backup at the chosen times and you have for example a computer crash (all data is normally lost), then [...]

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Dashboard overview- Daily feed consumption by group


Dashboard overview- Daily feed consumption by group The dashboard is the place where you want to see the most important data of your farm. If you feed your animals in different groups, it can be useful to activate the overview: “Daily feed consumption by group” on the dashboard. What do you need [...]

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Entering calvings


Entering calvings When you enter a calving, sometimes special situations occur. For example, how should you report a second calf that is born later? Calving questions are frequently asked to the help desk. So, we want to explain a few different situations around special situations. In this tip from the help desk, we will [...]

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