Keyboard shortcuts in daily entry

When you are in the Daily Events you can enter an action with the enter button and the mouse, but it’s also very handy to use the shortcuts for the daily events.

How does it work?
When you have entered an animal number and you want to enter a calving you can enter the first character “c” to choose the “Calving” action or with an insemination an “I”. Also with other details, for example the sex, choose “m” for male and “f” for female.

The whole explanation can be found on the UNIFORM Academy. How do you go to this platform? You can go to:

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When you are logged in, you can find the available courses and other courses. In “other courses” you see “Tips and tricks” and there you can go to the “quick tips”. Over there you find the explanation off the “keyboard shortcuts in daily entry” in detail.

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