Family tree

On the animal record in the UNIFORM program, the last tab displays the pedigree information. By default it shows you the sire, dam, dams sire and offspring information. If you would like to see more historical pedigree data, you can click on the [Familytree] button in the lower right corner.

This will open the schematic familytree of this cow.

Good to know:

  • Female animals show up in red
  • Male animals show up in blue
  • Bold means the animal is still on the farm
  • Historic animals are shown Italic
  • By clicking on an animal in the family tree, it shows you the basic animal details on the right side
  • By clicking on the [Expand] button, it will show all available pedigree info, [Collapse all] will narrows the overview again
  • You can click on individual [+] and [-] buttons to open and close certain parts of the familytree

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