Entering calvings

When you enter a calving, sometimes special situations occur. For example, how should you report a second calf that is born later? Calving questions are frequently asked to the help desk. So, we want to explain a few different situations around special situations. In this tip from the help desk, we will talk about the following subjects:

1) Enter a complete calving (daily entry)
2) Enter a missing calf again (twins)
3) A red cross behind the calving (daily entry)

1) Enter a complete calving (daily entry)
A calving is completed when you have two rows: one for the calving and one for the calf itself (with twins you have three rows). The calving row and the calf row(s) need to have a green check mark at the end:

2) Entering a missing calf again (twins)
Sometimes it occurs that a calving is entered without a calf, (or if there is one calf missing when you have twin) You can restore that like this:
Go to the animal card of the calved animal, “Reproduction tab” there you see the last calving, click on “edit” (at the bottom left) and in this new screen, click on “delete”:

Then you must re-enter the complete calving data at the daily entry, check carefully if the eartag number (which is automatically displayed) is correct at both calves (in case of twins).

3) A red cross behind the calving (daily entry)
When you enter a calving and you see a red cross at the end (instead of a green mark), then mostly there is an error regarding to an integrated system (example: De Velos or the T4C). The animal data of the calved animal does not match (between UNIFORM and the linked system). When you see this red cross, please contact our helpdesk.

If you need more help, please contact our helpdesk. For more information on our program, you can also watch our demovideos or sign up for a webinar.