About us

UNIFORM-Agri started back in 1989 as a relaunched business from an administration software program for SMEs and agriculture named KCS (Kuijer Computer Systems). The focus needed to be on agriculture, so with six men, UNIFORM-Agri became a new company. Over the years, UNIFORM-Agri grew into a solid company, building and earning many new relationships. Following the acquisition by DeLaval in 2013, the company grew quickly overseas and now there are more than 17.000 active UNIFORM-users all over the world. Our software is developed and supported by our team of almost 80 people working from our head office in the Netherlands, various countries in Europe, South America and North America.

Sales team

We have a highly diverse global sales team. Each sales representative is assigned to a different part of the world and can communicate with you in more than one language.

In Canada, Matt Delisle is our Sales Director. Here you can find his contact details. He will be happy to assist you with any questions about (purchasing) our software.

Check our contact page for helpdesk contact information.

Matt Delisle
Sales Director Canada

Do you want to work at UNIFORM-Agri?

Motivation and involvement of employees are of upmost importance to the performance of the company. We are a no-nonsense company where we try to listen carefully to each other. Making mistakes is allowed and saying sorry is not a sign of weakness. Our company’s structure has a low hierarchic level and we like to keep it that way to perform as one strong team.

We often search for new potential colleagues with a great affinity for automatization, dairy management and data. Here you can find our open vacancies and read more about working for UNIFORM-Agri.

Some of our benefits

International work environment

We have colleagues working in more than 10 different countries and customers worldwide. Working for UNIFORM-Agri means working with many nationalities on a daily basis.

Possibility to work from your home office

We have offices in several countries, but also the possibility to work from home. As many modern companies we connect with our colleagues very easily through the internet as well!

Room for ambitions

A lot of people starting at UNIFORM-Agri have ambitions to grow to different functions and develop themselves. Within our company, we support and facilitate that ambition.

Friendly atmosphere

Working at UNIFORM-Agri feels like working with your friends. We have a low hierarchy and are all open to feedback. We have our monthly drinks, and Christmas dinners. Also, we have a yearly company week where all colleagues from around the globe unite in Assen!


Would you like to know more about UNIFORM-Agri? On our media page you can read news items about, for example, new collaborations with companies and links to process computers. We also post the vlogs we make!