What do customers say about UNIFORM?

UNIFORM-Agri provides customers with herd management software around the world. With over 17,000 users we have changed the way of farming for many farmers all around the world. They save time and have optimized their milking performance. Read their reviews below to learn more about their findings.

UNIFORM-Agri reviews

Using UNIFORM-Agri for the past year has made the daily tasks on Mary’s farm so much easier. She is able to keep everything up to date with just a couple simple clicks! In this video, Mary will tell us about her farm and her favorite UNIFORM-Agri features.

Armando has a farm of more than 600 dairy buffaloes. In this video he tells us why he choose UNIFORM software and how he and his staff are using it in their daily routine at the farm. Check this out!

In this video we are visiting herd manager Marthe Fuhring on Saggau Dairy Gbr in Germany. Thank you for having us, it was a pleasure!
At the farm they milk 500 cows in a rotary parlour. Marthe is very happy with the UNIFORM herd management program, and she likes to share her experience with the software. Check out this video!

The Kusters family has a dairy goat farm in Ontario, Canada. They currently are milking 700 goats and use the UNIFORM-Agri software as well as the app to help them with their daily activities. In this video, Martien and Elsie explain the importance of UNIFORM-Agri on their farm.

UNIFORM-Agri offers farmers around the world the best herd management software. In this video you will be able to know the opinion of one of our clients, the veterinarian André Navarro, about our software. Discover here the benefits you can get with our program!

In this video, one of our customers in Quebec Canada, David Crack, talks about his experience with the UNIFORM management program and how it helps managing his farm. Take a look at it and find out how your farm could benefit from using this software!

Olivier Leclerc, one of our customers in Quebec, Canada, tells us about his experience with the UNIFORM software. He explains how UNIFORM safes him a lot of time in his herd management.

UNIFORM-Agri reviews

Pier-Luc Fortin from Ferme Duc For has been using UNIFORM for more than 3 years now. He is a seasoned and very advanced user of our software. For him, the key to sound herd management lies in the symbiosis between dairy consultants.

Reviews UNIFORM-Agri

Guillaume Brillant is one of our new customers in St-Fabien, Canada. He has worked with UNIFORM for a year now and he’s very happy about it. In this review, he explains how he benefits from using our software.

Jan Mechelmans, has a combined beef and dairy farm where he uses the UNIFORM herd management software. In this video he explains why he advises other farmers to start working with it too. See it for yourself in this video!!

Alice van Gosliga, together with her husband and brother-in-law, has a dairy farm of 330 dairy cows in Schettens NL. They have been working with UNIFORM-Professional since 1997. Check out what she has to say about this in this video!

In this video Kathleen D’Eer tells about her company and why she has a positive click with UNIFORM-Agri. Became curious? Watch the video.

Patrick and Caroline have a dairy farm in Bochelt, Belgium with 140 cows. They have been very enthusiastic about working with the UNIFORM Management program for years, and in this video they explain why!

Meet one of our customers in Brazil, Mr. Julio Bras. Julio is supported by our partner companies, Prodap and Semex. In this video, he will tell us a little about the advantages of using the UNIFORM program.

They started producing milk in 1980 with just over 500 Litres. In this video, they show how our program helped them with decision making and how this reflects on the farm’s increased productivity.

Henderik van Middelkoop has a dairy farm in the Netherlands, together with his parents. They work with our software for more than 20 years and they are very satisfied with it. In this video he explains how he uses UNIFORM on his farm and why the package is so useful to them.

Meet Daniel and André Bienvenu. They are the 4th generation on Fermes Rosaire Bienvenu et Fils in Upton, Canada. One thing they like about the UNIFORM software is the App.

“Its been a year now since we have started using UNIFORM-Agri. This was one of the best moves we have made on our farm in many years when it comes to managing every aspect of our herd.”

“If somebody told us a few years ago that we were going to have control of the cattle that we achieved today with digitalization, we wouldn’t believe it.”

We can certainly recommend the UNIFORM Management program to other dairy farmers. The program is user-friendly and the App in particular is a great advance in entering up-to-date data.

After working more than 30 years with the UNIFORM-Agri program, they would like to give their view on the industry and provide insight on the benefits of working with our herd management software.

All the rate related to it like the insemination, conception and pregnancy rates are very handy for me, and the most important, always available.

We chose to use the herd management software of UNIFORM-Agri, because of the easy language change, the European KPI’s and the ability to have multiple users and add multiple herds.

Mari is the pillar of data administration in SeriVet Asturgalaico, in Ribadeo. It is a vet team focused on dairy herds, located in several provinces.

The program is a great support for me , I can do everything in one place: data analysis, data entry, stock records and a lot more. I can only recommend it, the program will pay itself back for large and small companies!

My experience with UNIFORM-Agri is only positive. You have a good overview of your herd in one quick glance.