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Enroll Animals


Enroll Animals It happens regularly that customers call about the supply of new cows, with the question: "How can I add those new animals to my UNIFORM-Agri program?" We thought it might be a good idea to pay some attention to this subject. Here’s an easy way to do this is: [...]

Enroll Animals2023-10-16T14:15:59+01:00

Start using the UNIFORM App


Start using the UNIFORM-App The UNIFORM App is now included in every UNIFORM Global license. According to the users of the UNIFORM App, it is a great addition to the software on your PC and since 2020 there are no extra costs involved. Therefor we would like to encourage everyone to [...]

Start using the UNIFORM App2023-10-16T12:25:36+01:00

Grouping analysis


Grouping Analysis A new overview in the program is 5.18: The Grouping Analysis In this overview you can see the all the cows with their current and previous group number, it shows the number of days that they were in these groups and the date they changed group. You [...]

Grouping analysis2023-10-16T14:16:32+01:00

Dry off treatments


Dry Off Analysis - Dry Off Treatments This part of the software is developed to give a good overview in the dry off treatments. You find this part at: Management -> Health -> Treatments -> Dry off analysis -> Dry off treatments/milk production. When you press on that button you [...]

Dry off treatments2023-10-16T14:16:50+01:00

Set up a different dry off period for 1st lactation cows


Set up a different dry off period for 1st lactation cows From UNIFORM version 5.3 and higher it is possible to set up a different dry off period for 1st lactation cows and cows who are in there 2nd lactation and above. You can do this as follows: Enter your UNIFORM-Agri [...]

Set up a different dry off period for 1st lactation cows2023-10-16T14:17:49+01:00

UNIFORM App: Herd Summary


UNIFORM-App: Herd Summary In the UNIFORM App we have the possibility to see the herd summary. This will give you an overview of the different statuses on your farm. To activate the herd summary, you need to go to the dashboard. In the dashboard you go to the ‘wheel’ (1). [...]

UNIFORM App: Herd Summary2023-04-06T13:47:32+01:00

Silo indication


Silo indication The latest 5.4 version brings a new ‘Silo Indication’ for concentrate feed. This feature is available with feed intake coming from a process computer link. To find it, follow these steps: In 8.9 Silo Indication, click ‘Edit’ to add a new silo. Enter the total capacity for the silo, the [...]

Silo indication2023-10-16T14:18:06+01:00

Action Calendar


Action Calendar The action calendar in the UNIFORM-Management program gives you insight into which activities have to be done per day of the week. This is useful when the vet comes over or when you hand over the work to someone else or if you just want to see for yourself what activities [...]

Action Calendar2022-07-11T12:35:00+01:00

Farm Comparison Setup


Farm Comparison set up This demo video shows you how to properly configure the comparison of your livestock with similar ones, from the same country... or not. The configuration is very simple, it is done in 4 steps and once done, it will allow you to compare your livestock with others and see [...]

Farm Comparison Setup2023-03-23T13:07:48+01:00
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