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Opening hours end of December

Our helpdesk and office have limited opening hours in the period of the 24th of December till the 2nd of January. You can reach us only for emergency situations on the following days and hours:

Helpdesk (GMT+1)
24th of December: 08.30h till 15.00h
25th & 26th of December: closed
27th & 28th of December: 08.30h till 16.30h
 31st of December: 08.30h till 15.00h
1st of January: closed

Office (GMT+1)
24th of December: 08.30h till 15.00h
25th of December till 1st of January: closed


UNIFORM-Agri and smaXtec


Animal Grouping

This movie takes you through the all new Animal Grouping module that provides more flexibility for you to setup your groups dependent on flexible criteria and group size.


New: International Farm Comparison Project


Healthevent analysis

Healthevent analysis is a new part in the UNIFORM program that analyzes the frequency of diseases at various levels. You can see how often a certain disease is registered in a month, by days in milk and by lactation number. 


Report Writer new functionalities in 5.3

The Report Writer in our UNIFORM-Agri managementsoftware is an extremely useful tool. You can create your own reports and use your own filters to see exactly what you want. In this demomovie we will take you through the latest functionalities added in version 5.3. 


Article published of our partners Skånesemin and Rådgivarna

Our partners Skånesemin and Rådgivarna from Sweden have organised several lunch meetings to introduce the UNIFORM-Agri software to their customers. An article about this has been published in Husdjur nr.12. You can read it in the PDF attached.


Cow Colours

In this video we offer you a sneak peek in the version 5.3. This version will become available in Q1-2018. We show you the Cow Colours.


New stand-alone app project in Vietnam

Last week we have trained a local team of Friesland Campina in the North of Vietnam and helped them to install the MyDairyFarmTool app. This is a stand-alone app for small scaled farmers and part of a FDOV project funded by RVO.
It's great to be a part of such a nice project and to get to work with this enthusiastic team! Bles Dairies wrote a nice article about it, you can read it here: http://www.bles-dairies.nl/1760-2/.

20th of October Helpdesk & Office are closed

We would like to inform you that our office and helpdesk will be closed on friday 20th october, due to our yearly company day. We will be happy to help you again on Monday the 23rd of October.