UNIFORM-Agri: Innovation and growth in agricultural software

UNIFORM-Agri’s is getting known more and more, not only by our most important partner, the farmers, but also by the industry. The number of users of our software continues to grow each year and that helps us to be able to invest in new developments in the software. These developments are a completely new backbone of the software, but with a front-end that is very similar to what you are using now. This means that there will be minimal practical changes for you, but you get many extras and, importantly, much more speed.

The only problem is that compared to the past, we cannot give you just a part of it, we can only do that when the complete system is working with the new structure behind. So some patience is needed for those that want to have new things, and just relax for those who don’t want too many changes.

Harm-Jan UNIFORM-Agri

Harm-Jan van der Beek – CEO UNIFORM-Agri

For all types of consultants (vets, nutritionists, semen advisors, milk factories etc.), we have the new UNIFORM Consultant version ready. With your permission (!) a consultant you trust can have access to your data, and you can withdraw this permission any time. If you give permission, we still do not sell your data, but just give them access and they only pay for the tool, no matter how many farmers give them access. This is our way to respect that the data is yours.

The consultants can see your data, but we don’t allow them to pass the data on to other third parties without approval. We were able to start with the consultants using our new version that can run in the cloud (version 6) because they don’t have interfaces with sensors or national interfaces.

We will introduce the new version (6) that can run in the cloud or locally (whatever you prefer) when it is ready and when we have reached the quality level we have set and that you expect from us. This takes time, and we have decided to not give a time estimation, because what we hear from our clients is that quality is more important than a timetable that is promised too early.

UNIFORM-Agri has hit sales records for the last 2 years with the current version of UNIFORM or branded versions, and that is a signal for us that the current program is stable, solid and well appreciated.

New dealers we have found are enthusiastic. We found them in Argentina, Ecuador, Colombia, but also close to our head office in Europe, and eastwards we also grow in Asia.

With all this good news I hope you feel assured that your supplier is doing well to keep giving you good software, to help running your farm and also to keep on giving good service with the support desk.