UNIFORM-Agri introduce new interfaces

The long list of interfaces that UNIFORM-Agri has with all kind of systems on farm is extended. Not by just another one, but a series of new interfaces. This is the Smartbow (Austria) system for activity (heat detection and health) but also for positioning of the cow.

Also the activity monitoring system from Ice-robotics (UK) is successfully interfaced. Quiet some joint customers will be happy with this new interface.

For the system from AIC (USA) there is also an Interface, this has to do with the parlor and cow identification.

And last but not least the interface with the activity system (heat detection and health) from ENGS can be interfaced now also.

For all these systems the interface is 2 ways and it releases the user from a lot of double data entry. The other aspect is that through the interface with UNIFORM there is a complete integration possible with the other automation on farm. This is possible because UNIFORM can interface with nearly all existing cow identification systems, milkmeters, feeding stations and sorting gates.

Interfaces with cow ID systems for whatever reason differ a lot from each other, like one cow differs a lot from the other. It is recommended to be well informed by a specialist about all the different interfaces. When you have different systems in place and want to link them to one central system. Please contact us, we are always happy to advise you on software and link possibilities.