UNIFORM-Agri and smaXtec

UNIFORM-Agri and smaXtec team up to improve dairy farmer’s user experience.

We are pleased to announce the collaboration between smaXtec and UNIFORM-Agri.

smaXtec is well-known for its bolus technology enabling dairy farmers of all sizes to monitor individual cow health 24/7. The cow monitoring system is particularly advanced in terms of early detection of diseases and irregularities as continuous temperature monitoring is the best indicator for changes in animal health. Furthermore, it enables automatic and precise oestrus and calving detection. smaXtec’s goal is to help dairy farmers in their daily work and contribute to higher animal health and welfare. Linking the data of the herd management system and the individual continuous cow monitoring will help to make farmers’ lives considerably easier and give them a better overview of what’s going on.

Thanks to the collaboration farmers will have all relevant data at their fingertips and – most importantly – will never need to enter data twice and unnecessarily lose time.

This cooperation also contributes towards achieving the aim of UNIFORM-Agri to provide farmers “with the best dairy herd management software” they can get. Not only makes it the life of farmers enormously easier but it also optimizes all process on the farm to a maximum.

One more time UNIFORM-Agri has proven their leading role in the global dairy management business in bringing different brands to work smoothly together to give farmers new opportunities in their daily business.

“The basis of every good collaboration is that both sides as well as all customers are happy with the outcome. Thus far we can say, we are very happy with the result and with how the cooperation with UNIFORM-Agri makes the experience for the user of our system even more pleasant.” Stefan Rosenkranz, CEO and co-founder, smaXtec.