Kimberley Thomas, England

Kimberley Thomas
Engeland, UK

Somerset, England

After Sales

Started in 2023

Who are you, can you tell us a bit about yourself?
Hello! My name is Kim, I’m from Somerset in England. I’m quite the adventurer, I enjoy being in the outdoors exploring my local area and beyond. I have been known to climb up mountains including the infamous Mount Snowdon and Pen-Y-Fan. To relax I wind down in front of the TV with the recent bingeworthy TV or play games on our gaming machines. I also have become quite the cook, baking some tasty gluten free treats and experimenting with different flavours for dinner. Gardening has become a little hobby and fair to say the seeds are doing well!

How long do you work for UNIFORM-Agri?
I’ve been working at UNIFORM-Agri since summer 2023, I am quite new to the team.

What do you do for UNIFORM-Agri?
I work as part of the UK Helpdesk team answering customers questions on the programme, installations and helping with the cloud project,

What do you like about working for UNIFORM-Agri?
The team who are helpful and willing to train you, everyone in the UK team have been welcoming. I also enjoy the flexibility with the ability to work from home and excited to be part of the shows in the future. The fact that the UNIFORM programme is constantly changing is also rather exciting as you will never stop learning new elements of the programme.

How are you related to dairy farming?
My late grandfather and father used to work at farms when they were much younger therefore would be told of the stories of the farms. We also attend the agricultural shows throughout the year in England including Mid Somerset Show and Bath & West.

What are you working on now?
Answering the variety of calls that come through and also working through the cloud forms to connect the consultants to UNIFORM.

What can you advise people looking for a job at UNIFORM-Agri?

  • Be open minded and willing to learn, most importantly enjoy the learning process!
  • You have to have a passion for animals and be interested to learn about the Dairy Industry.
  • UNIFORM offer you flexibility and open communication.
  • If you want a modern approach to working, UNIFORM is the place for you.

  • Where do you see yourself in the future?

    Learning all the links that connect UNIFORM to third parties and learning more about UNIFORM. I see myself taking on more projects and taking part in the shows in the future.