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Getting the most out of Fertility Analysis


Getting the most out of Fertility Analysis In this video of our UK webinar we will talk about the Fertility Analysis. We would like to show you why these analysis are in there and how you can use them. Take a look at it yourself! If you need more help, [...]

Getting the most out of Fertility Analysis2021-04-01T12:35:10+01:00

Condition and mobility analysis


Condition and mobility analysis In this video of our webinar our UK team will show you how to get the most from the Condition and Mobility Analysis in your UNIFORM program. Take a look at it and learn all about it. If you need more help, please contact our helpdesk. [...]

Condition and mobility analysis2021-03-12T08:01:30+01:00

Correcting feed calculations


Correcting feed calculations increase - decrease In this video of our UK webinar we will talk about how to correct feed calculations. Learn all about it in this video. If you need more help, please contact our helpdesk. For more information on our program, you can also watch our demo [...]

Correcting feed calculations2021-02-24T16:04:07+01:00



How to run CTS reconciliation In this video of our UK webinar we're going to talk about the CTS reconciliation module in the UNIFORM-Agri program and how you can edit the data. We will take you through different steps on how to use this module. If you need more help, [...]


Mating Recommendations


Mating Recommendations With this new instruction movie you can learn how to import mating recommendations in our UNIFORM software. You can use the recommendations from any supplier or mix what has been recommended to you by various suppliers. Learn all about this in this new video. If you [...]

Mating Recommendations2021-02-11T17:07:53+01:00

Hoof trim


Hoof trim With this demo movie you learn how to create hoof trim protocols and action lists in your management program. We will learn how to create it, adding cows that need a hoof trim and how to remove them. Watch and learn how to do it yourself! Don't forget to turn on your [...]

Hoof trim2021-02-11T17:09:19+01:00

Group Settings


Group Settings In this movie we would like to take you through the grouping options that are available in your UNIFORM Management program. We will show you how to setup the groups , manually move cows between groups using the group wizard and how to setup the automatic grouping options. We will also show [...]

Group Settings2021-02-11T17:10:08+01:00

Vaccination Program


Vaccination Program In this movie we will be looking at setting up a Vaccination Program. The movie is a step by step guide on how to set up a vaccination program and also shows where the information can be easily accessed and how easy it is to enter the vaccination once it has been [...]

Vaccination Program2021-02-11T17:10:43+01:00



Dashboard This movie explains the latest functionality that you can find in your version 5 Dashboard. We show how you can produce and quickly print off a list of all the cows in a particular status. We show the new warning thresholds on the action lists, so you can highlight cows where events are [...]


Action Scheduler


Action Scheduler In this movie we would like to show you how to create your own Action Scheduler report and include it on your Herdsman’s Action List and Dashboard. This report will highlight cows requiring attention to help you with your daily administration and we will also show you a quick way of entering [...]

Action Scheduler2021-02-11T17:12:01+01:00
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