Consultant webinar – trouble shooting dairy farms using UNIFORM

In this video of our webinar for consultants, Pieter Passchyn, veterinarian and nutritionist from Milk@vice Belgium will talk about the first screening of new customers by using the UNIFORM software.

“Managing a farm is a form of art. The trick is to coordinate human efforts and natural resources (water, land, etc.) with specific goals in mind. To know if certain aspects are going well, you must monitor these things. But whether companies have very little or just a lot of data, very often decisions are still made based on gut feeling… or by misinterpreting the numbers.” said Pieter Passchyn.

In this video Pieter Passchyn is talking about the pitfalls in using numbers and what you can do to look at the numbers with a critical eye and how you can make the right decisions based on data in UNIFORM.

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