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New in 5.3

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The most useful new features in version 5.3 explained more in detail.

Below you can find an overview of all useful and most important new and changed features in the newest version of your herd management program. This new version will become available for all our users in phases. You can check if the update is available to by clicking in your program on [Help] > [Check for updates].


New: Refresh dashboard

Click the button with the two arrows (synchronization button) to refresh the dashboard.
Dashboard herd management dairy farmer

New: Choose list for cows to dry off

To view the dry off cow lists, click the settings cog on the button To Dry Off on the dashboard.
You can now choose whether you would like to select The Herdsmans action list or select The Cows to dry-off list.
Dashboard herd management dairy farmer

The Cows to dry off list will show the latest three cell counts and the latest milk yield per animal.

Dashboard herd management dairy farmer

Changed: Incomplete sales

To turn off the warning of incomplete sales, you can now untick the box for the warning by selecting the settings cog in the To Do button under Processes in the dashboard.

Dashboard herd management dairy farmer

New: Groups [1.11]

To make it easier to work with groups, a separate menu item has been created under [1.11 Animal Grouping], the group settings can be found under [Manage Groups] and [Settings]. On this list are all animals with their groups.

Animal Grouping

In [Settings] it is now possible to automatically put cows and heifers in a close-up group before calving.

Close up Groups

When selecting the tab [Advanced] in Settings, the program now offers many more options for compiling groups based on multiple criteria. For example, it is possible to make a high-yielding group based on a 7-day average above a certain limit but up to a maximum number of days in lactation.


It is now possible to print the animals that have been 'regrouped'. In the Properties box, tick the Print option. This task can also be enabled in Automate so that the list is automatically printed on the day and time you want.


New: analysing groups [5.18]

The Group Analysis report is now available in the big farm module. With this new report you can monitor how long animals are in a group, which group they were in previously and if there is a waiting time. In properties you can save different lists by clicking ‘save preset as’.



Changed: Display of the day entry

The display of the Daily Events is now clearer and offers more space for additional data entry.

Daily Events

In the first box the cow number, name, action and date are always displayed. You are then taken to the second box automatically to enter further data.

Changed: registration in the Daily Events

To make it even easier, enter the name, eartag number or line number in the 'No' field to go to the right animal.

Daily Events

When entering hair color, entering the first letter of the hair color no longer grabs the top of the list with that letter, but the most common. This means that from now on entering a B it automatically select Belgium Blue. This change also applies to the culling reasons.

Daily Events

Gender sorted semen can now be entered more easily. It has become a separate field instead of an option that was always under the kind of serving.
When in general settings – Cow calendar – Heat the option ‘Register comments for reproduction data’ is set a comment for the calving can be added as well as for the calf.

When an animal still has a withdrawal at the moment of sale a warning will be shown during entering the sale.

Changed: Action calendar [1.3.11]

A new way of working with the Herds Man Action List, with a different view and a lot of flexibility. Cow calendar attentions, tasks and even individual attentions can be set. Rows, columns or cells can be selected or a combination of those, so the print list with animals will contain exact those animals that should be on the list.

Daily Events

For treatment, vaccination and sync programs it is possible to show the ‘scheduled’ animals, next to ‘started’ an not ‘started’. This is possible in the action calendar and as well in the herdsman action list.
In this version sync programs can be setup for young stock as well, instead of only for lactating cows. The action calendar and the herdsman action list will present the animals accordingly.

Changed: Kappa casein

The ability to select the genotype of a cow for proteins Beta-casein and Kappa-casein has been available since the release of version 5.2. In the 5.3 update, the genotypes AE, BE and EE are now available as options.
This can be selected on [1.2 Animal Record] -> [Tab:General] choose [Edit] -> [Tab:Extra]

Explanation: Kappa casein is one of the milk proteins that is important for the production of cheese and occurs in different genotypes. The most common alleles are A, B and E. In breeding a cow and bull pass on the A, B or E allele to the descendant, who therefore is carrier of the AA, AB, BB, AE, BE or EE genotype.

Animal Record

New: Search on Transponder nr 2, 3, 4 etc.

On the animal record [1.2] you can search for an animal by clicking on the magnifying glass.

At the request of many customers with multiple transponder numbers it is now possible in version 5.3 to search on transponder number 2, 3, 4 etc. Select the transponder you would like to search for and enter the transponder number.

Animal Record

New: gestation period on animal record

The reproduction tab now shows the interval behind each calving, in other words the gestation period.

Animal Record

New: Filter Animal Record

Now you have the ability to filter the animal record on status. On the dashboard, select an animal from any of the lists, this will then take you to the animal record. Use the green arrows to navigate through the list of animals with the same status.
Animal Record

If you want to view an animal with a different status, you can enter the number in the search box or click on the blue letters and the animal record will no longer have a filter.

New: Health on the report writer [5.3]

Two categories have been added to the list generator, ‘Health reporting’ and ‘Treatments’.

New: Cow Colours

This function is made to quickly identify a cow on a list, in the App or on the animal record that has a certain disease or condition.
To add a colour, go to Health Condition list [1.6] then choose [edit] or double click on the disease.


Go to the tab [Colours], choose ‘Show colour’ and choose the colour. The colour can then be withdrawn after a number of days if needed.
The colour will be shown in the animal record, Herdsman action list and App.


If the cow selected has more than one condition which has a cow colour, the cow will show as grey.

New: Healthevent analysis [4.34]

Healthevent analysis is a new part in the UNIFORM program that analyzes the frequency of diseases at various levels. You can see how often a certain disease is registered in a month, by days in milk and by lactation number. It is possible to click on the blue information icon by each number to see which cow it belongs to it.


Changed: Dryoff analysis[ 4.10]

In Cows to dryoff [4.10.4], you can now select the kind of milkproduction. Select [Properties], to choose from daily milkmeter yield, milk recording, or the 7 days average.


Dry off treatments/Milk production [4.10.2]: ability to filter on lactation, the 2nd lactation cows can be separated from the older animals for data analysis. It is also possible to analyse used treatment only. For example Antibiotics (for the analysis it does not matter which one) versus only a seal.


Changed:Medicine registration

When confirming treatments, you can now adjust a number of items. [Batch entry] - [Health Batch Entry] -> confirm treatments: right-click on the column schedule, date or amount you can then adjust the entire row. Useful for treatments where the amount of medicine you use is not the same for all weight classes.


Medicine usage report [4.6]: the print preview shows on the last page a summary of all medicines and quantities used.

Withdrawal report [4.9]: At the [Properties] it is now possible to select a period for which you want to see the waiting times, not only the animals that still have a waiting time but also the cows with a historic waiting period.

Medicine stock [4.8]: the 'Adjustment' button has been added. This allows you to clearly understand which adjustment has been made for which medication.

Changed: VET Checklist [10.1]

In [Properties] under tab [Reason] it is now possible to enter an for each reason. Instead of the standard abbreviation that the program itself mentions, you will then be given that description on the list for that reason.

Per preset you can now separately enter 'checked by veterinarian'. A list of health checks, for example, can be different from a list with animals with fertility problems.
In animals who are listed as pregnant negative (dr-) or have an unknown pregnancy status (?), the days since pregnancy check are now shown.

New: dry period length heifers

You can now set a different dry off period for heifers. A heifer will then get an earlier expected dry-off date, whereby the animal is reduced earlier in concentrate and it also comes earlier on the attention list for drying off.
This can be set by: [Program Settings] -> [General Settings] -> [Cow Calendar] -> Tab [Settings]


Changed: set cows in heat on action list

The ability to set the number of days after a previous heat / insemination that an animal can return to the attention list is now available in program settings.
This can be set by: [Program Settings] -> [General Settings] -> [Cow Calendar] -> Tab [serving]


Changed: Gender sorted Semen in storage [7.2]

It is now possible to stock gender sorted semen.

Changed: fertility analysis [3.1]

In Fertility Analysis Overview, the number of abortions is now shown along with an average for the period selected.


Changed: Fertility KPI (USA) [3.11]

In Fertility KPI (USA), the column abortion now shows days after insemination instead of lactation days. Also, sync programs linked to oestrus signs are now shown in the conception rate.


Changed: Ability to Import Mating recommendation


New: Hidden profit

The analysis of the Hidden profit [11.13] has been given a new place in the program and can be found under [11.13] in the Costings Module. The hidden profit analysis calculates how much profit or money is lost on a monthly and yearly basis by not performing optimally. The calculation is based on fertility, health and milk production KPIs.

Hidden Profit

New: Report Writer

• Previous animal number added
• Age at first breeding added
• Surrogate Dam added
• Last aborted date current lactation added
• Last aborted date (period) added
• Number of abortions lifetime added
• Peak production official based on milk test results added
• Peak production based on milk meter added

Cloud upload function now has the possibilities to more than one dropbox, ftp or both. User now will be able to send their backup to different consultants at the same time.