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Newsletter May

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Newsletter #05-2016

Release update 5.1

Are you already enjoying the new features of your version 5.1, like, the new Dry-Off analysis [4.10 ], the Milk production graph [2.13] and the Weight analysis of young stock [4.4.2]? Not yet? Then this information is very important for you!

We have started to release the 5.1 version to all UNIFORM-Agri Global customers a couple of weeks ago. We will gradually send it through as an automatic download to all customers in the coming weeks.

All customers that are currently using a version prior to version 5.0. like 4.0 or 4.1 will not be able to receive the update automatically. So if you are using such an older version or if your pc isn’t connected to the internet, then please contact the UNIFORM helpdesk. They will take care that you will also receive the new version.

Don’t forget to check out the changelog in which the important changes in the new version are mentioned. You can find this in the UNIFORM program at the top menu beneath [Help].

Subject of the Month: Milk Production Graph

In this month's movie we take a look at the new milk production graphs, which allows us to analyse data on one screen, with multiple options so you can review our herd’s performance in more detail. The Milk Production Graph is a new part in your UNIFORM version 5.1 as well as our subjects from the previous months. You can find an overview of all the movies on our website. Please have a look here or press the image below to go to this movie right away.

Milk Production Graph

Tip from the helpdesk: Change the properties of the VET Checklist in the UNIFORM App

Your UNIFORM program contains a very powerful and flexible VET Checklist [10.1]. You can find this list under 10 Special Reports. The VET Checklist can be used when your Vet or consultant is checking the cows. This list can also be used on the UNIFORM App. The settings for the list in the App need to be done in the software on the PC in 10.1. VET Checklist.

Go to [Properties] and select the list [UTouch/App] in the bottom of the pop-up window.

Here you can change the selection settings of the list. Go to the tab [Reasons] and check the boxes and fil in the criteria for the reasons you want cows to be on the list in your App.

If you want to remove cows from the list without having to give them a treatment you need to put a default treatment in the first tab at [General].

This ‘Treatment’ will then be registered when you choose [Checked by VET] (1) in your APP and the cow will disappear on the list.

News from a country: Spain

From 11th to 13th May UNIFORM-Agri was present at the ANEMBE congress in Santiago de Compostela. The results of our presence there were really positive and our stand was constantly full. We were able to give information about the transition to a lot of users of ReproGTV. Also, we got requests to purchase a complete new system from us. Our colleagues Lidia Sierra and Miguel Costal got different messages: those vets taking care of smaller more traditional farms had their own specific needs, and those vets managing big herds where data recording is a big struggle for them had completely different requirements. Since the UNIFORM-Repro product is an ongoing project, we are sure it will be possible to satisfy all requests in the same product in a short time.


We are aware that some of our customers have a fantastic website. It would make us very proud if you could add a link on your website to us! The first 10 customers who are willing to do so will receive a nice pair of sunglasses as a thank you when sending us the link of your website. If you need any more information, please do not hesitate to contact us at ellen@uniform-agri.com.


We will be happy to welcome you at one of the following events:

21 - 23 June

Precision Dairy Farming Conference

Location: Leeuwarden, The Netherlands


15 - 18 November


Location: Hanover, Germany


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