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Newsletter March 2016

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Newsletter 03-2016

Visit to India & Ukrain

On the 5th through the 12th of March, UNIFORM-Agri participated in a visit to Baramati, India on behalf of the RAAK project. The project was initiated by VHL, University of Applied Sciences and Saxion University. One of the main goals of the RAAK project is “How can Dutch companies contribute with their products and services to the Indian market in a sustainable and profitable way?” We have visited farms, milk and feed factories, and universities. From this visit, we have a good impression of the Indian dairy sector and the possibilities there through the discussions with the farmers, students and both Dutch and Indian companies.

The KVK demo farm in Baramati will start using the UNIFORM-Agri management software as a showcase to local farmers to create awareness of the importance and advantages of record keeping.

Additionally, UNIFORM-Agri joined in on the economic mission of The Netherlands to Ukrain, together with the Minister for Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation, Lilianne Ploumen, and many other interested companies. We are already working with the Dykun organization as our dealer, but think it is important to stimulate the economy of this country. A good relationship with Ukrain means not only that we can do more business, but also that the Ukrainian dairy industry will grow. This is good for the Ukrainian people and provides stability and peace.

Tip from the helpdesk: Key performance indicators

Due to the low milk price, dairy farmers need to maximize performance to sustain income. To enhance and track performance, you can use the Key Performance Indicators (KPI) in the program. Some of these indicators are found right on your dashboard, like: average days in milk, insemination rate, pregnancy rate, average milk production and SPP. To receive accurate information from these indicators, it is important all data is entered correctly.

It is best to discuss the value of these different indicators together with a consultant. The UNIFORM-Agri program can help you improve your management by creating insight in the problem areas. One example is to create a list of cows that are 60 days in milk, or greater, and not inseminated. You will easily see which cows need your attention. If you succeed with this method of working, you will improve your KPI’s and your income. For more information, please contact our Help Desk.

News from a country: The Netherlands

In February and March a big portion of the UNIFORM-Agri users visited the user meetings on version 5.1. These meetings were held at 27 locations spread all over the country. The user meetings are a great way to learn about the new features of the program and to share knowledge with other users. A year ago, the Dutch farmers were limited by the milk quota, now they are limited by phosphate production rights. This results in a complete change in the way the farm needs to be managed. Heifers that are inseminated too late, cows that are dry too long, all have a negative influence on the phosphate efficiency. Most features discussed at the user meeting had a strong relationship with this necessary change in herd management.

One of the main subjects of the user meetings was the new Dry Off Analysis. This new analysis enables the farmer to monitor the dry off length, treatments and results very carefully. Legislation on antibiotic usage at dry off has become very strict. Cows without any SCC problems are not allowed to be dried off with antibiotics any more. More than 80% of the users who visited the meetings said on the evaluation forms that they were certainly going to use this new analysis. Are you also interested in this new Dry Off Analysis? We encourage you to watch the ‘Subject of the Month’ movie below!

Subject of the month: Dry off analysis

In this movie we are going to take a look at the new Dry Off Analysis module that is available in the latest 5.1 release of the UNIFORM-Agri herd management program.

Find an overview of all Subject of the Month movies on our website.

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