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Newsletter June

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Newsletter #06-2016


Recently UNIFORM-Agri launched a goat version of the UNIFORM program. The goat farmers enjoy a much higher milk price in most countries than their colleagues who milk cows.

New parlours for goats are being installed and farms are growing, so the demand for good software is increasing. Some goat farmers used the normal UNIFORM program for their goats, but that had some limitations. Now we have developed a good goat version of UNIFORM. All milk data fields have 2 digits, the scale of all graphs is adjusted and many more things have been modified. This special goat version of UNIFORM can interface with the parlour and ear tag ID.

If you are interested, please contact us or your local dealer.

Subject of the Month: Report writer

The Report Writer, part 5.3 in your program, allows you to create your own user defined reports. You can create filters to determine which animals are included on the report, as well as save these reports to access them again whenever you want. Learn all about it in the movie below!

An overview of all movies can be found on our website.

Milk Production Graph

Tip from the helpdesk: Budget Forecast

Have you ever wondered what your financial position will be in the next coming months? Which fixed expenses you can expect and which seasonal expenses you have? Do you foresee any fluctuation in your income? Do you have a clear picture of this?

In today’s market, you want to minimize any financial surprises. For this, our Budget Forecast can help! You can find this module at 11.7 [COSTINGS] [BUDGET FORECAST].

The Budget Forecast is a forecast for the next two years. This overview is shown per month. Part of the data regarding your herd is calculated automatically. This calculation is made on the technical figures. The other part you enter yourself and this will give you a good overview to understand your financial position.

You can also check the subject of the month from February for more information. Is this module not available in your program? Please contact the Helpdesk.

Introduction of UNIFORM employee:


My name is Arne, 27 years old, living in the Netherlands. I have been working for UNIFORM-Agri for 1 year in the Aftersales department.

After finishing my education in Business Administration in 2008, I started a Bachelor education at the Dronten University of Applied Sciences. I studied Livestock Education and graduated in 2013. After this graduation I worked for one and a half years at an accountant’s office.

Next to my job at UNIFORM-Agri I run a dairy farm together with my father. Currently we milk about 90 cows, on 52 hectares. In 2013 we replaced our conventional milking parlour for 2 DeLaval milking robots.

Also, I am in to football and cycling.

Looking forward to help you further in the program.

Kind regards,


News from a country: United Kingdom

The Gold Cup run by RABDF and NMR is an annual premier UK dairy herd competition recognizing efficiency in commercial milk production. The UK team was proud to attend this year’s opening day hosted by the 2015 winner, and UNIFORM user, Neil Baker, at his farm near Haselbury Plunkett, Somerset on the 25th of May. The pedigree herd of 1,830 cows produced an impressive 57,000 litres of milk per day! Neil and his staff are enthusiastic users of the UNIFORM program and operate a very successful farming business. The UNIFORM team had a very successful day, which was attended by over 1200 dairy farmers and have already had several successful sales leads as a result of the day. The 2016 winner will be announced at the Livestock Event in July.


We have introduced a special Facebook page for all UNIFORM users who do not speak Dutch; facebook.com/UNIFORMAgriGlobal! Follow us on Facebook and be always up to date on the latest news around your herd management software.


We will be happy to welcome you at one of the following events:

4-8 October

World Dairy Expo

Location: Madison, USA


15 - 18 November


Location: Hanover, Germany


UNIFORM-Agri International team

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More contact details of UNIFORM-Agri sales team


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