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Newsletter January 2016

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Newsletter 01-2016

Subject of the Month

In this months ‘Subject of the Month’ movie we take you through all the functionality in the UNIFORM App. We show you how easy it is for you to enter data and access your herd records on your smartphone or tablet anywhere on the farm, and then synch it with your office PC. We have had very positive feedback from our users highlighting the ease of use and the benefits of having instant access to your records, so we hope you find the movie interesting. You can check all movies on our website!

News from the UK

UK customers are currently being invited to our latest series of workshops that takes place in 16 different venues across the country. These annual workshops are free of charge to users with a current annual support contract and this year’s workshops are timed to coincide with the latest 5.1 release. We look forward to showing customers the very latest developments in their program and explaining how they can make the most of the new functionality in their UNIFORM program.

Tip from the helpdesk

For a fast way of working in the UNIFORM-Agri program we have the toolbar at the top of the program. Here you can select program components you would like to have in the toolbar. You can do this by selecting this component in the menu with a right mouse click. Then you see the option to add to toolbar. You can also set the toolbar in the menu Toolbar & Screen, which you can find by program settings.

Just below the toolbar on the left side you can find the search screen. In the search screen you can enter the animal number easily and after hitting ‘enter’ the animal record will open. Also, you can find program components by only entering a part of the overview name. For example when you enter ‘herd’, the program will show you all overviews with the name herd in it. This way you can find your overview quicker.

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