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Newsletter December 2015

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International Newsletter December 2015


Building on the success of Version 5, now UNIFORM 5.1 is coming!


After a successful release of version 5.0, we are continually developing the UNIFORM program. In version 5.1, you will find a range of new analysis tools to help you manage your herd.

  • The new intelligent graph for milk production gives a clear overview of the herd’s production to highlight the performance by stage of lactation, calving month and lactation number.

  • The youngstock weight analysis and dry-off analysis will help you focus on key periods of the animal’s life.
  • The new cow grade report will show you which cows you should be breeding from and which cows should be culled, based on milk production, fertility, health and longevity according to your preferences. The program will calculate a unique score for each individual cow, taking into account all herd information, to help you make an informed decision.
  • The dashboard has been improved again with new KPI’s and graphics, a dry-off/barren status, a medal or a rosette to inform you that animals have reached 100.000 kg of milk or 10.000 kg of fat/protein.
  • It’s now possible to import semen recommendations from several breed companies.
  • It’s possible to add an individual vet check on the animal record, to make the cow appear on the vet check-list.
  • The new milk forecast module will provide a milk profile for both the current and next year, based on the individual cow performance, fertility indicators, or manual input.

International dealer training

We were proud to host our second international dealer training during the second week of September. Dealers from all over the world visited us in Assen to learn about version 5.1. It was a great opportunity to share experiences and learn more about the expectations and requirements of the markets we are active in. We received very positive feedback and look forward to making it an annual event.

UNIFORM-Agri is growing in Spain

Recently UNIFORM-Agri has taken over the Spanish market leader in dairy software called Repro GTV. This well-known and widely used software program from Spain will be merged with UNIFORM, so the users will benefit from strong points in both software programs. The data will be converted in a very detailed way and the Repro GTV users will get a new program with all the popular parts of Repro GTV, but also new options for an App and more links to parlours. They will get this for free when they have a yearly up-date and helpdesk contract. UNIFORM-Agri will open their Spanish offices in Madrid soon.

News from the helpdesk: the Actionlist on the dashboard and App

The dashboard shows you every day the cows that need your attention. So you can see the cows that need your attention for pregnancy diagnoses, dry off, calving, and tasks based on standard threatments. If you see the red little blocks then it is indicated that there are animals overdue for the applicable attention. The settings for the actions and the red blocks you can set yourself by using the ‘setting sign’ you can see on the right side of your dashboard.
To show the same attenions on the App you can do that with a special list on the dashboard. Therefor you need to go to the herdsman action list and choose the settings. Set them as you want and use the ‘UTouch/App’ in the left bottom. After synchronizing with your App you can get it as you wanted. The same procedure works for the vet check list. There is also a choice for ‘UTouch/App’ in the setting screen of the vet check list.

Prices 2016

UNIFORM-Agri will increase the prices for the annual contracts by 2-3% in 2016. To compensate this increase we will add all new developments from version 5,1 in the existing software and we will not make extra modules that need to be bought.
Depending on what modules you have now, you will get minimum a few and probably all the new features just with in your annual contract.

New Year greeting

First we all recognise how important health is and we wish you and your family good health in the New Year.
The end of the year is often the time to contemplate events that have occurred over the year but it is also a time to look forward and make plans for the future.
The tough financial uncertainties over the future are a grey veil over the New Year. But making plans for the future is stimulating, encouraging and demonstrates the resilience of our sector.
The future is about clarity and the price of milk will go up again, unfortunately we just do not know when. Making plans and implementing them in the current climate is difficult. But making plans is positive it is like putting a dot on the horizon to show where you are going. This gives direction and sets the course for our private lives as well as for our businesses to achieve the targets we want.

Staff UNIFORM-Agri.

Adapted office & helpdesk hours

During New Year we have changed opening times.

- 31st of December from 08.30 o'clock till 15.00 o'clock.
- 1st of January closed.

- 25th of December till 1st of Januari closed.

UNIFORM-Agri wishes you a happy New Year!

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