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Newsletter April 2016

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Newsletter #04-2016


Tip from the helpdesk: new possibilities in UNIFORM App

Often we have received the request to create a button on the home screen of the UNIFORM App to synchronize directly. We have now enabled this in the newest version of the UNIFORM App. You can modify the home screen with the buttons you use the most. Do you use for example the vet checklist very often? Or do you have several herds and switch between them often? Now you can place these functions on your home screen. If your phone is set to not automatically update apps, you can update the UNIFORM App in the Appstore or Playstore.

To add the synchronise button or another button on the home screen, go to the settings of the app. In this list you will find "Home". When pressing the arrow in this line, you will be forwarded to the overview to personalize your home screen. Here you can choose a maximum of 9 buttons for your home screen.
On our website you can find a movie about the UNIFORM App, where the text above will be explained more clearly. For more information, you can always contact our helpdesk on +31 (0) 592 394929 or helpdesk@uniform-agri.com.

Currently some customers with android 6.0 and a Sony Experia or LG phone experience an app shutdown issue. This issue is known and an update will be released around the 13th of May.

Subject of the Month: Body weight analysis

In the movie below we will explain the functionalities and benefits of part 4.4 in your UNIFORM-Agri software. This feature is available from version 5.1 and higher.
For an overview of all movies you can have a look at our website.


News from a country: China

On April 22nd, 2016 China International Exhibition opened in Harbin, China. As China’s most important annual event of the dairy industry, the exhibition attracted 310 exhibitors from 20 countries and regions. Exhibits covered all aspects of the dairy chain, such as dairy farming, ranching facilities, processing and packaging, ingredients, dairy products, etc.

UNIFORM-Agri combined with Agriprom China also attended this exhibition. Harm-Jan van der Beek joined in and gave a presentation to Chinese customers. In China, UNIFORM Herd Management Software is an old software because we already entered into China combined with a parlor brand, but also a new one because we just started to sell directly to Chinese customers.

During the exhibition, a lot of customers were attracted by the software because of the ease of use and capacity of all kinds of data analysis.

  • In China, there are a lot of brands of parlors, and also many parlor management software programs. Chinese customers really need software which can combine all the data from different software programs. UNIFORM software already has a lot of links which can help Chinese customers a lot.
  • Another function which attracted a lot of companies, such as feed companies, is the module Multiple Farm Solution. They are looking for software which can monitor their related customers’ production KPI's.
  • Also a lot of media came to take interviews for the features of the software and reported on TV, newspaper and websites.

We all hope for a bright future in China.



We will be happy to welcome you at one of the following events:

11 - 13 May XXI Congreso Internacional ANEMBE Spain UNIFORM-Agri ESPAÑA (Stand 14) Location: Palacio Congresos y Exposiciones Galicia Website
21 - 23 June Precision Dairy Farming Conference Location: Leeuwarden, The Netherlands Website
15 - 18 November EuroTier Location: Hanover, Germany Website

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