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Fertility Reporting and US KPI Pregnancy Rates

In this movie we are looking at the Fertility Reporting options in your UNIFORM Professional program. We will take you through the different types of reports and show you how to customise them for your individual farm. We will also show you the US KPI Fertility Module which is part of the Big Farm Module. 


Culling Analysis

In this movie we are looking at how we can produce reports that show the reasons that animals left the Herd, their Age, stage of lactation and average lifetime production. All this information is found in the Culling Analysis report that is part of the Costings Module”


Increase and decrease version 5

In this movie we take a look at the new functionality in the Increase – Decrease section of Feed Calculation in our version 5.


Cell Count Analysis

In this movie we look at how to use the cell count analysis report to monitor and manage the herd’s somatic cell count performance


Treatment plans

In this movie we take a look at how easy it is to setup and use a Treatment Plan when Drying Cows Off.


Company day 17th of June 2015


Action Scheduler

In this movie we would like to show you how to create your own Action Scheduler report and include it on your Herdsman’s Action List and Dashboard. This report will highlight cows requiring attention to help you with your daily administration and we will also show you a quick way of entering Treatments to remove them from the list.



This movie explains the latest functionality that you can find in your version 5 Dashboard. We show how you can produce and quickly print off a list of all the cows in a particular status. We show the new warning thresholds on the action lists, so you can highlight cows where events are now overdue.


Vaccination Program

In this movie we will be looking at setting up a Vaccination Program. The movie is a step by step guide on how to set up a vaccination program and also shows where the information can be easily accessed and how easy it is to enter the vaccination once it has been given to an individual or group of cows.


UNIFORM is CQM Approved!

UNIFORM-Agri is pleased to announce that UNIFORM has become even more global! UNIFORM received full approval for electronic record keeping with Canadian Quality Milk. This means UNIFORM can be used to record all mandatory records for CQM including treatments, SOP’s, medicinal withdrawals, etc. With the ease of data entry and simple reports, UNIFORM makes CQM compliance a snap!