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UNIFORM welcomes 10,000th customer!



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The contract is signed, it is official. Smartbow is now a dealer of UNIFORM software. We have a link with Smartbow, which allows you to see all your cows in the barn live on your screen! It also shows the heat detection and rumination, so you will not have to use 2 software programs. The link is already up and running in several countries and the feedback is very positive. More information? Please, do not hesitate to contact us!


Herdsman actionlist

In this UNIFORM Agri demonstration movie we show how to setup and make the best use of your Herdsman actionlist


“Milk Weekend" in Spain


Friday 7th and Saturday 8th of July the “Milk Weekend" took place, organized by the Holstein Association of Cantabria (North Spain) and Zoetis. The schedule included a Dairy Cattle Show and a Conference about dairy production future and the role of milk in human nutrition.

The main topic was the future of dairy industry in Spain and Europe, some participants were more optimistic than others; it seems that the future for European dairy producers is guaranteed, although some important changes in herd size and resources costs will happen. Big Spanish Co-ops presented their projects to improve milk production, they are based in recording data and monitoring the work and decisions made in farms.

On Saturday, the main discussion was about the role of milk in nutrition, how important it is in childhood and why adults should not stop drinking milk. Doctors in Medicine and Nutritionists participated with short communications and discussed about false myths of milk and its nutritionist characteristics.

It has been a very interesting and enjoyable event, thanks to the organizers!


UNIFORM in Brasil

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Last week we launched our program in Brasil, together with our new partner Prodap. Right now a lot of farmers still write their administration on paper. When the consultant comes to the farm, he will enter this data in his computer and discuss the results with the farmer.
The cows are for about 6 months grazing on the land and the other 6 months they are on a closed open area at the farm, because there is not enough grass at the field.
Interesting to see how dairy farming is done in a country so different than ours



We are at the NRM in Zwolle, come and visit us!


Dealer training is full!

May 16, 17 and 18 we are organising a training for our dealers. We currently have that many applicants that we are now fully booked, in order to maintain the quality of the training. If you do not have signed in yet we are sorry to disappoint you.


Happel made the news!

We are excited that one of our partners for software made the news with their innovative solutions! The software makes it possible to locate the cows with GPS. You can have a look at the German movie here.


Health reporting analysis

In this movie we take a look at some of the Health Analysis reporting that is available in your UNIFORM Herd management program.


Fertility analysis

Following popular feedback on the Fertility Analysis Overview at this year’s workshop we have a short movie that shows how easy it is to select different time periods for this report so you can assess the Herd’s performance over a determined time period.