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InTouch & UNIFORM-Agri

InTouch and UNIFORM-Agri collaborate to drive even greater dairy farm efficiency

[DUNBOYNE, Ireland and OOSTERSINGEL, the Netherlands] – InTouch, the award-winning feed management platform, and UNIFORM-Agri, one of the world’s leading herd management software providers, are pleased to announce an exciting new data-sharing collaboration, empowering dairy farmers with cutting-edge insights and herd management tools.

Each day, InTouch manages the feeding of over 300,000 cows in 37 countries worldwide. As part of the animal health and nutrition company Alltech, InTouch puts particular focus on providing farmers and nutritionists with the most relevant insights and analytics for delivering optimum nutrition to the herd. Creating a link between InTouch and UNIFORM-Agri’s herd management platform to automatically share herd data will further enhance the value of insights that can be provided. This collaboration will also reduce the need for manual input of data and ultimately enable both farmers and nutritionists to work together to make more informed herd-management decisions.

“At InTouch, we continually strive to evolve and deliver the best service to our customers,” said Conan Condon, director of InTouch. “Collaboration is a key part of this, and we are delighted to now work with such a respected name like UNIFORM-Agri to enhance our user experience. Together, we can provide the most effective insights and ensure that the herd’s diet can be quickly adapted to any changes in milk output.”

This desire to provide the best service possible is shared by UNIFORM-Agri, which for decades has been working together with dairy farmers globally to improve management efficiency.

“With UNIFORM-Agri, we want to support dairy farmers and their suppliers worldwide with the best and most user-friendly software solutions that help to build a profitable and sustainable business,” said Harm-Jan van der Beek, managing director of UNIFORM-Agri. “Working together with a partner such as InTouch helps us to achieve the goal of making it easier for the dairy farmer to gain more insights into the herd, leading to better results.”


Farm Comparison Setup

This demo video shows you how to properly configure the comparison of your livestock with similar ones, from the same country... or not. The configuration is very simple, it is done in 4 steps and once done, it will allow you to compare your livestock with others and see how it evolves and in what position of the ranking it is.


International farm comparison project

With the large number of UNIFORM users worldwide, the aim of this project is to compare the dairy herd management between UNIFORM users in different countries.


Daily Events

This video is a refresher with tips and tricks of the daily events, including a sneak preview of functionalities in the 5.4. These changes are fast, clarifying and make the daily entries even easier!


Company day out

Due to a company day out you can not reach us on Thursday 21st of March after noon and Friday 22nd of March. From Monday 25th of March you can reach us as usual.


The DTM CORE Feeding Management Software now integrated with UNIFORM-Agri

Nutrition and Feeding under control
Knowing and understanding the feeding behavior of individual cows and groups is of paramount importance to track production and feed efficiency. The integration between DTM CORE and UNIFORM-Agri makes it happen! Now available! https://www.uniform-agri.com/page/salesteam


Opening hours end of December

Our helpdesk and office have limited opening hours in the period of the 24th of December till the 2nd of January. You can reach us only for emergency situations on the following days and hours:

Helpdesk (GMT+1)
24th of December: 08.30h till 15.00h
25th & 26th of December: closed
27th & 28th of December: 08.30h till 16.30h
 31st of December: 08.30h till 15.00h
1st of January: closed

Office (GMT+1)
24th of December: 08.30h till 15.00h
25th of December till 1st of January: closed


UNIFORM-Agri and smaXtec


Animal Grouping

This movie takes you through the all new Animal Grouping module that provides more flexibility for you to setup your groups dependent on flexible criteria and group size.


New: International Farm Comparison Project