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New software developer: Vinoth Ponnaiah

Last month Vinoth started working with us as a developer in the Netherlands. We like to welcome him to UNIFORM-Agri and introduce him to you.

My name is Vinoth Ponnaiah and I’m from southern part of India. I have a master’s degree in Computer applications and I specifically love to create web applications. For eight years I’ve been working on creating these: for Sanmina, an electronics manufacturing company for four years and HCL technologies/Aegon as a full stack developer for another four years.

In my spare time I love to work out and play outdoor games like cricket and volleyball. Exploring new places is something I also really like. For two years I’ve lived in the Hague and now I’ve moved close to the company with my wife and six year old daughter.

I really love to be part of UNIFORM-Agri, because I'm from a farmer’s family background. I'm looking forward to contribute to UNIFORM-Agri in the best possible way.

Kind regards,


Hoof trim

With this demo movie you learn how to create hoof trim protocols and action lists in your management program. We will learn how to create it, adding cows that need a hoof trim and how to remove them. Watch and learn how to do it yourself! Don't forget to turn on your sound.


Job offer: Dairy Management Software Support Specialist in Canada

We are looking for a new collleague and encourage you to apply for the position of: Dairy Management Software Support Specialist.


Introducing: Ana Luiza

In March Ana started working with UNIFORM-Agri and she likes to introduce herself to you.



Dear customers,

The impact of the Coronavirus is dramatic and getting closer and closer to our lives. Most are feeling the implications of it in day-to-day business, and so are we.

The health of all UNIFORM-Agri employees and their families is very important to us. The same goes for of all our customers and their families. Challenges aside, we want to continue providing the services you are accustomed to receiving from UNIFORM-Agri. This means you can still reach our support team to receive the help you need. Our development team will also continue working.

In UNIFORM-Agri, we are well equipped and experienced with working from home. This we can now use to the maximum. However, many of our employees have young children at home who currently cannot go to school or daycare. This means they must take care of the children themselves. We agreed within the company that we will be flexible from both sides and that everybody tries to be available as much as possible, without neglecting the children. For you as a customer, that could mean a little extra waiting time sometimes, or “family noise” in the background when you call the helpdesk. Please bear with us in this temporary situation.

In addition, the remaining user group meetings are cancelled. The “on-farm” visits for installation and training, will now all be done remotely. All work will be done 100% remotely for as long as it is necessary.

I hope I have informed you well and hope you understand the effects it can have on our service. I wish you all the best during this difficult time and hope you and your loved ones stay healthy.

Best regards,


Harm-Jan van der Beek


New Director of Sales for UNIFORM-Agri: Tineke Ammerlaan-Sieperda

We are pleased to inform you that as of January 2020 , Tineke Ammerlaan – Sieperda (32) will be the new Director of Sales at UNIFORM-Agri.


Introducing: Niels Kleefman

Niels just started working at UNIFORM-Agri and we would like to introduce him to you:

"My name is Niels Kleefman, 28 years old and born and raised on a dairy farm in Peize. After I finished school, I followed my dreams. For a year I worked and traveled on the other side of the world. In Australia I worked on a 3,000 hectare arable farm and in New Zealand I worked on a dairy farm with 1,000 cows. I have been working at UNIFORM-Agri since mid-February. Before this I worked as a company caretaker at Abeos. In addition to my work, I like to work out. I like to play football and go mountain biking, among other things.
At UNIFORM-Agri I will work in the help desk department. I will do my utmost to help the customers with their questions as well as possible.

Kind regards,



Wednesday 19th of February

Next Wednesday, February 19th, we have planned maintenance on our telephone system. Therefore you can temporarily not reach us from 9 a.m. on. We expect to have this issue solved within 15 minutes. We apologize for this inconvenience.


Lely and UNIFORM-Agri sign data exchange agreement

Lely, one of the world leaders in innovative robots for the dairy industry, and UNIFORM-Agri, one of the world’s leading herd management software providers, are pleased to announce an exciting new data-sharing collaboration. This collaboration provides dairy farmers the newest standard for real-time data exchange between Lely’s T4C (Time for Cows) and the UNIFORM-Agri herd management software.

Since the signing of the agreement several hundreds of farmers are successfully updated to the new standard, all other mutual customers will be updated soon. The real-time connection between the two software programs helps to reduce the administrative burden dairy farmers have as data entry only has to be done once. Next to the exchange of animal data, the new link provides better and faster insight in the individual feed, milk, cell count, conductivity, activity, fat and protein data. To simplify sensor calibration, the link also automatically sends milk recording data such as fat, protein and cell count content from UNIFORM to T4C.

The desire to provide innovative solutions and real-time insight with no extra work is a shared objective for UNIFORM-Agri, which for decades has been supporting dairy farmers globally to improve management efficiency.

“UNIFORM-Agri wants to support dairy farmers and their suppliers worldwide with the best and most user-friendly software solutions that help to build a profitable and sustainable business,” said Harm-Jan van der Beek, managing director of UNIFORM-Agri. “Working together with a partner such as Lely helps us to achieve the goal of making it easier for the dairy farmer to gain more insights into the herd, leading to better results, with less work.”


Nedap and UNIFORM-Agri empower dairy farmers with new integrations and are formally continuing their existing cooperation

Nedap and UNIFORM-Agri recently strengthened their ongoing cooperation with the development and introduction of various new integrations. Among other things, these integrations ensure the direct and seamless integration of the latest applications developed by the two parties. Dairy farmers who use both Nedap and UNIFORM-Agri solutions will thus be optimally unburdened and supported in their farm management. The continuation of the intensive cooperation between the two parties was formalized by the signing of a renewed cooperation agreement.