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Eduardo Saratxaga, Delika, Álava, Spain

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Eduardo Saratxaga is a vet specialized on dairy clinical/surgery tasks for years. He joined in 2013 the dairy farm Zaldubitxi Sociedad Cooperativa, in Delika, Álava as partner. The farm is managed by 3 people. Nowadays, they are milking 120 cows, they milk 2 times a day and they organize all tasks at the farm in 2 turns.

They harvest their own ration, except the concentrates and straw that are purchased externaly. The main ingredient is corn silage followed by raygrass. Animals are being fed twice a day. Regarding animal distribution, all animals are stabled in the same barn: on one side we can find the young stock, dry cows and peripartum and on the other side of the feed platform all animals in production are allocated. Dry cows do have access to pasture.

According to Eduardo Saratxaga UNIFORM is a really powerful and complete program, it saves a lot of time and it has really deep analysis. You get certainly the impression that they work a lot on exclusively developing this program. It is really comfortable to work with UNIFORM, it is intuitive and once you establish the routine to register data daily right after the milking, the rest of the work related to management is simply more agile. UNIFORM speeds up a lot of the tasks at the farm, for the vet and the farmer. You will certainly make less mistakes and, for example, the vet will be able to definitely monitor the situation at the farm and, consequently, make better decisions on which protocols to use. The program has certainly bet my expectations. The first impression was impressive, I expected a program looking like ReproGTV. After using it, it has surprised me in a really positive way and now I´m really happy. I'd like to describe UNIFORM as intuitive, efficient and fast.

To have a general overview of the herd, I recommend:

  1. Farm status report (Menu item 10.5)
  2. Milk recording analysis (Menu item 2.1)
  3. Statistics resume (Menu item 3.13)
  4. USA KPI (Menu item 3.11).
  5. Quick scan reports (Menu item 10.2)”
Name: Eduardo Saratxaga, Zaldubitxi Sociedad Cooperativa
Place: Delika in Álava, Spain
Farm: 120 milking cows and youngstock.
Program: UNIFORM Repro Professional