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Watch our previous webinars!


We have put together a program of subjects for a weekly ‘Go to Webinar’ meeting held every Wednesday at 10 am and then repeated again at 2 pm. They will last for around 20 minutes and you will be sent an invite the week before so you can register and then a link to gain entry into the webinar. Your microphone will be muted but you can still type in questions and we will address these during the webinar or later with you outside of the meeting. The meeting will be recorded and you will have access to these recordings if another staff member was unable to attend. See this page for the full schedule.


Importing bulls, datastreams and export files


In this video of our weekly webinar we talk about importing bulls, how to export files and we also discuss datastreams. 


Medicine administration


In this video you can watch our webinar about medicine administration in the UNIFORM program. 


Data entry and making backups


In this webinar we will talk about data entry and making backups. 


General settings and setting up your dashboard


In this video, you can watch our webinar about General settings and how to set up your dashboard.