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Watch our previous webinars!


We have put together a program of subjects for a weekly ‘Go to Webinar’ meeting held every Wednesday at 10 am and then repeated again at 2 pm. They will last for around 20 minutes and you will be sent an invite the week before so you can register and then a link to gain entry into the webinar. Your microphone will be muted but you can still type in questions and we will address these during the webinar or later with you outside of the meeting. The meeting will be recorded and you will have access to these recordings if another staff member was unable to attend. See this page for the full schedule.


Feeding part 2


This is part 2 of the Feeding Webinar, here we show you how to put an animal on an individual feed allocation, how you can display your silo indicator, adjust your M+ tables and more!


Feeding part 1


This is part 1 of our feeding webinar, in this video we take you through step by step the functionality and options for automated feed calculation within your UNIFORM herd management program.


Cow grades


In this movie we look at Cow Grades. An easy to use module that helps calculate the potential for the cow to remain in the Dairy Herd.


Importing mating recommendations


In this video of our webinar we talk about importing mating recommendations into your UNIFORM program. We will show you how you can import them and how you can enter them manually.


Herd overview reporting


This webinar video is about herd reporting. We will go through the stock check report, animal movements, herd register and the report writer in the herd management program.


Importing Foot Trimming Data


In this webinar we are going to talk about importing data from foot trimming systems. The idea of this module is to save you some time, so watch and learn all about it in this video.


Fixing common data issues


In this weekly webinar we will talk about common data issues and how you can fix them.


Buying and Selling Animals - Animal Movement


In this webinar video we talk about buying and selling animals and animal movement. We will look at movement codes, the reason why animals are removed. You will learn how to manage this reasons and add ones yourself.


How to use Batch entry in Daily events


In this UK webinar we're going to run Batch Entry in Daily events and we talk about everything that's necessary when using this. Learn all about it in this video.


How to use the UNIFORM App


In this UK webinar we're gonna take you through some basic settings on how to use the App. You can download the demo version in the Google Playstore or the Appstore.


Confirming and cancelling events on a treatment plan


This video of our latest UK webinar is about confirming and cancelling treatment plans.


How to use report writer


This weeks UK webinar is about the report writer. We're going to take you through setting up some reports and show you the flexibility of the report writer.


Milk production using SPP (Standard peak production)


In this video of our UK webinar we take a look at the standard peak production. We explain what is it and where you can find this information in your herd management program.


Health reporting


The UK webinar this week is about health reporting and we will take you through some of the key reports. In this video you can learn all about it!


Fertility reporting


In this video of our UK webinar we talk about fertility reporting. We will first look at our dashboard and make sure to add the Insemination rate, Pregnancy rate and Conception rate. After that we'll take you through the fertility analysis, calf pattern, insemination analysis and the USA fertility KPI.


Farm assurance reporting


In this short video of our UK webinar we're going to talk about medicine usage reports, medicine stock, health reporting, stock checks and farm assurance reports itself.


Using the herdsman action list and Vet check report


In this video of our UK webinar we take a look at the herdsman action list and we also take a look at how to use the vet check report. You will learn all about the presets and settings.


Setting up treatment plans and vaccination programmes


In this webinar we talk about treatment plans and how to set them up. We will also discuss vaccination programmes and how to use them.


Importing bulls, datastreams and export files


In this video of our weekly webinar we talk about importing bulls, how to export files and we also discuss datastreams. 


Medicine administration


In this video you can watch our webinar about medicine administration in the UNIFORM program. 


Data entry and making backups


In this webinar we will talk about data entry and making backups. 


General settings and setting up your dashboard


In this video, you can watch our webinar about General settings and how to set up your dashboard.