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Nedap and UNIFORM-Agri empower dairy farmers with new integrations and are formally continuing their existing cooperation

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Nedap and UNIFORM-Agri recently strengthened their ongoing cooperation with the development and introduction of various new integrations. Among other things, these integrations ensure the direct and seamless integration of the latest applications developed by the two parties. Dairy farmers who use both Nedap and UNIFORM-Agri solutions will thus be optimally unburdened and supported in their farm management. The continuation of the intensive cooperation between the two parties was formalized by the signing of a renewed cooperation agreement.

Real-time synchronization of sensor and management information
Nedap CowControl monitors the behavior and position of all cows on the farm 24 hours a day using so-called SmartTags. This provides valuable information on the fertility, health, and location of the animals. Most of this information has already been successfully integrated into the UNIFORM-Agri management program, where it is combined and supplemented with information such as calendar dates, milk yield, and feed insights. Information from UNIFORM-Agri is in turn integrated into Nedap's solutions, for purposes such as the automatic routing and separation of cows, and the provision of concentrate feed.

The new integrations that have been developed and rolled out in the course of this year make it possible to synchronize information between Nedap and UNIFORM-Agri in real time. This means that the generated data and insights that are exchanged between the two systems are directly available to the farmer. In this way, farmers are always aware of the most recent and complete status of the herd, are able to take immediate action if necessary, and can avoid double data entry.

New reports from Nedap CowControl have also been integrated within UNIFORM-Agri, providing insights into heat detection as well as eating, rumination, and inactivity behavior at individual and group level.

Cow localization
Lastly, farmers who use Nedap Cow Locating are now also able to see the position of their cows in the barn in the UNIFORM-Agri system. This functionality is part of Nedap CowControl and shows on a map of the barn the exact location of cows that need to be checked, treated, or fetched, for example. Rather than having to search for cows, the dairy farmer can thus find them easily, saving both time and labor.

Continuation of intensive cooperation
Alongside the development of the integrations, the two internationally leading players will formally continue their intensive cooperation by means of a renewed cooperation agreement. The aim is to provide optimal support to dairy farmers all over the world who use both Nedap and UNIFORM-Agri solutions in their business operations.