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Meet one of our US employees: Shawnna Finnerty!

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In this article we will take a look at one of our employees in North America, the first actually, Shawnna Finnerty. Shawnna can you tell something about yourself?

My name is Shawnna Finnerty and I was the first employee for UNIFORM-Agri in North America. I started with UNIFORM-Agri in 2010, fresh out of college and an internship at a dairy. When job hunting, I was unsure about the company as I had never heard of it and didn’t know how I felt about working for an unfamiliar, international company. Through the interviewing process, I became comfortable with the people on the phone and gained confidence in the company. It eased many of my uncertainties. For most of my career with UNIFORM-Agri, I have worked from my home office. This, coupled with the company’s high value on family time, has helped me find a good balance of family and professional time. Though some of my friends and family were skeptical of my decision to work for UNIFORM-Agri, they now admire the opportunities and successes I’ve had.

One of the things I value most in working for UNIFORM-Agri is the relatively flat hierarchy. We have official supervisors and the proper communication channels are respected, but we are also supported in having open conversations internally sharing knowledge and finding creative solutions. I’m oceans away from most of my colleagues, but extra effort is placed on inclusion and communication, so everyone feels as a part of the company and not an island. How many people can say the General Manager of their company takes time to check in on how they are doing and not just on a project in progress? I can and that means a lot to me.

Most of my years with UNIFORM-Agri were spent on the Help Desk but I have advanced into the Project Management team. I really enjoy the new challenges and appreciate that I am able to grow internally and use my skillset I worked hard to build in the past years. I am a solutions-oriented person that enjoys challenges and having a strong, supportive team. My role at UNIFORM-Agri suits me quite nicely. With young kids at home, there are family demands that sometimes come up unexpectedly and I’m fortunate enough to be able to work with a flexible schedule when needed.

What advice would I give to someone considering a job at UNIFORM-Agri? Ask yourself these questions:
•             Do I enjoy working hard and having great colleagues?
•             Is it important that I am valued in my role?
•             Is competitive pay important with room for advancement in the company?
•             Does global exposure in the dairy sector interest me?

If you answered yes to those questions, you sound like a good fit for UNIFORM-Agri and I hope you will consider being one of our colleagues!