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Dear customers,

The impact of the coronavirus is dramatic, and it gets closer and closer to our lives. Most of us will be feeling the implications of it in our day-to-day business, and so are we.

The health of all colleagues of UNIFORM-Agri and their families is very important to us, as well as that of all our customers and their families. Besides that, we want to keep on giving you the services you are used from us. This means that you can call the support desk to receive the help you need. And of course, our development team will also keep working.

In UNIFORM-Agri we are well equipped and experienced with working from home. This we can now use to the maximum. However, we have some colleagues who have young children at home who currently cannot go to school or daycare. This means that they must take care of the children themselves. We agreed within the company that we will be flexible from both sides and that everybody will be available as much as possible, without neglecting the children. For you as a customer, that could mean a little extra waiting time sometimes, or “family-noise” in the background when you call the helpdesk. We hope you can accept that as a temporary situation.

Besides this, the last user group meetings that were still scheduled are cancelled. And the “on-farm” visits for installation and training, will now all be done remotely. We were doing that already for most of our customers, but this will now be done for all our customers, for as long it is necessary.

I hope I have kept you well informed and hope you understand the effects it can have on our service. I wish you all the best during this difficult time and hope you and your loved ones stay healthy.

Best regards,

Harm-Jan van der Beek