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Hi, Vinoth! Can you tell us something about yourself?

Hi, Vinoth! Can you tell us something about yourself?
Yes, sure! My name is Vinoth and I am from the southern part of India. The place is called Madurai, Tamilnadu. We call it the Temple City. I have lived in Assen for three months with my wife and daughter. I moved to the Netherlands two years ago, to The Hague.

Can you tell about what you are doing as a programmer?
I worked for 8 years as a developer and normally I am a full stack developer and I work on web applications. That means, I work both on the frontend and backend. So, I create applications and take care of how they behave. I also make what people see, so it must be user friendly.

How did you start working as a programmer?
I studied Physics and there was one part in that study about c programming, which is the base language in programming. When I delivered the paper about this, it turned out that I was good at this and it got me interested in programming. After this, I started to do a masters study in computer applications. During my final year, I did a couple of projects in different applications and a company was interested in me. So, I started working with that company in 2012 as a frontend developer a year before my graduation.

How did you start working with UNIFORM-Agri?
That is a good question! I initially came to the Netherlands for a six-month project. I was working for Aegon, but I really enjoyed it here. I love the culture and the people, and I decided to stay a little longer. My projects with Aegon were only for short term. So, I looked on LinkedIn for something longer term. I have a farm background and I really like to contribute to the heart of a country. Farmers are, in my opinion, the most important people for society and UNIFORM-Agri contributes to this sector. I dug a little deeper into the company and found out that UNIFORM-Agri has a lot of employees who are working there for a long time. That fascinated me. So, that is why I chose UNIFORM-Agri.

What are you working on now?
Now I’m part of two projects. The first one is the main project. As you know, we have a desktop application, but we are moving towards a more modern application. This version is meant to make the daily life of farmers easier. We want to make sure that they can spend less time using this application. I am glad that I’m a part of this project where I can work on particular modules. I am working on the automate function in the new version of the management program. With the automate function, it is possible to schedule certain tasks in the program to happen regularly on specific dates or times. Besides that, there is also a secret project, I can’t tell you the name, but this is a project with a mobile app. Currently, the Android version is working fine but we still have some issues to work out with the IOS version.

What do you like about working with UNIFORM?
I can tell you many things I like about it. The first thing I noticed when I came here, it’s really a calm workspace. Besides that, the colleagues are super friendly, and they are also really fast!

Yes, in projects you always depend on collaboration with other people. Here the communication lines are short, everyone is cooperative, and they are fast with their answers. The workload is bigger here than with my previous employer, but I like to be busy. Besides that, I can contribute making the life of farmers easier and that is a great feeling!

How do you keep informed about new developments in programming?
With programming, you can never stop learning. It will always develop. I am the type of person that has to do something and then learn from it, like in this project for the new version. I also learn the best by cooperating with colleagues who have different kinds of experience and have worked on different projects.

What do you recommend to starting developers?
The main thing is that they should love what they do. They should be eager, and they should be open to learn new things, regardless their age or background. Anyone can start to learn programming, if you really want it!

Are there things you would like to achieve in the near future? 
When I came to the company, there was one person who was guiding me, guiding other new people, answering our questions, and helping wherever we needed it. In the future, I would like to be the person who people come to when they have a problem. I would like to help new people understand technologies, fix complicated issues, and help guide them. I really look forward to that.

Well Vinoth, thanks for giving us this nice insight into your job!



New help desk employee in Belgium: Erika Clysters

Erika started working with UNIFORM-Agri as help desk employee, we would like to welcome her to the team!


New team member in Canada: Samantha Brazel

Samantha Brazel just started working in Canada as a help desk employee. She studied farm management and previously worked as an artificial inseminator for CIAQ. Welcome to UNIFORM-Agri Samantha!


Mating recommendations

With this new instruction movie you can learn how to import mating recommendations in our UNIFORM software. You can use the recommendations from any supplier or mix what has been recommended to you by various suppliers. Learn all about this in this new video.


Results graduation project about heat stress

Did you know that second calf cows seem to be most sensitive to heat stress? Camilla Groenhoff studied the effect of heat stress on animal performance in the Netherlands at UNIFORM-Agri during her graduation project. She has now graduated with a 9 and of course we would like to congratulate her and wish her the best of luck in the future! For her final thesis she also wrote an article with the results of her research and you can now read this article on our website.


Demo movie: hoof trim

With this demo movie you learn how to create hoof trim protocols and action lists in your management program. We will learn how to create it, adding cows that need a hoof trim and how to remove them. Watch and learn how to do it yourself!


Weekly UK Webinars

The weekly UK Webinars have started now and you can find the movies of recent webinars on our website.


Webinars following 2020 Workshops

For everyone this is a very difficult time and it impacts us all in different ways, we as a Helpdesk are now working from home and intend to maintain the same level of service that you expect but if you hear some new enthusiastic younger or four legged members of the team in the background we hope that you will understand why.

The 2020 workshops had record attendance and rather than wait another 12 months we wanted to maintain the momentum to ensure you make the most of your UNIFORM program.

We have put together a program of subjects for a weekly ‘Go to Webinar’ meeting held every Wednesday at 10 am and then repeated again at 2 pm. They will last for around 20 minutes and you will be sent an invite the week before so you can register and then a link to gain entry into the webinar. Your microphone will be muted but you can still type in questions and we will address these during the webinar or later with you outside of the meeting. The meeting will be recorded and you will have access to these recordings if another staff member was unable to attend.



Dear customers,

The impact of the coronavirus is dramatic, and it gets closer and closer to our lives. Most of us will be feeling the implications of it in our day-to-day business, and so are we.

The health of all colleagues of UNIFORM-Agri and their families is very important to us, as well as that of all our customers and their families. Besides that, we want to keep on giving you the services you are used from us. This means that you can call the support desk to receive the help you need. And of course, our development team will also keep working.

In UNIFORM-Agri we are well equipped and experienced with working from home. This we can now use to the maximum. However, we have some colleagues who have young children at home who currently cannot go to school or daycare. This means that they must take care of the children themselves. We agreed within the company that we will be flexible from both sides and that everybody will be available as much as possible, without neglecting the children. For you as a customer, that could mean a little extra waiting time sometimes, or “family-noise” in the background when you call the helpdesk. We hope you can accept that as a temporary situation.

Besides this, the last user group meetings that were still scheduled are cancelled. And the “on-farm” visits for installation and training, will now all be done remotely. We were doing that already for most of our customers, but this will now be done for all our customers, for as long it is necessary.

I hope I have kept you well informed and hope you understand the effects it can have on our service. I wish you all the best during this difficult time and hope you and your loved ones stay healthy.


Best regards,

Harm-Jan van der Beek






Lely and UNIFORM-Agri sign data exchange agreement

Lely, one of the world leaders in innovative robots for the dairy industry, and UNIFORM-Agri, one of the world’s leading herd management software providers, are pleased to announce an exciting new data-sharing collaboration. This collaboration provides dairy farmers the newest standard for real-time data exchange between Lely’s T4C (Time for Cows) and the UNIFORM-Agri herd management software.

Since the signing of the agreement several hundreds of farmers are successfully updated to the new standard, all other mutual customers will be updated soon. The real-time connection between the two software programs helps to reduce the administrative burden dairy farmers have as data entry only has to be done once. Next to the exchange of animal data, the new link provides better and faster insight in the individual feed, milk, cell count, conductivity, activity, fat and protein data. To simplify sensor calibration, the link also automatically sends milk recording data such as fat, protein and cell count content from UNIFORM to T4C.

The desire to provide innovative solutions and real-time insight with no extra work is a shared objective for UNIFORM-Agri, which for decades has been supporting dairy farmers globally to improve management efficiency.

“UNIFORM-Agri wants to support dairy farmers and their suppliers worldwide with the best and most user-friendly software solutions that help to build a profitable and sustainable business,” said Harm-Jan van der Beek, managing director of UNIFORM-Agri. “Working together with a partner such as Lely helps us to achieve the goal of making it easier for the dairy farmer to gain more insights into the herd, leading to better results, with less work.”