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Country specific links

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UK Country Specific Links

The UK Country specific links enables your data to be entered once into UNIFORM and it can then be used to communicate with BCMS and DARD (Northern Ireland), milk recording organisations and breed societies. These links cut out the need to enter data twice so you have less administration to do, saving you time and also providing compatibility with national farm assurance reporting requirements.

BCMS and DARD Links – Official Reporting

Our web-service links to BCMS and DARD make it easy to manage sending for births, deaths and movement notifications.  Also our popular CTS reconciliation tool enables the user to cross check on-farm UNIFORM records with the officially held data.

Milk Recording Links

UNIFORM will produce the export files for NMR, CIS, and QMMS that includes all the cow calendar data and milk yields where there is a parlour link (including robots). Once the milk recording has been processed you can then import the milk test results, including milk yields, fat, protein and somatic cell count so no need to enter manually.

Breed Societies Link
The web-service link to Holstein UK enables you to easily apply for your pedigree registrations for both Holstein and Jersey animals without having to re-enter information. Users can also import their classification data directly into UNIFORM so no need to enter manually.