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One of the main goals of UNIFORM-Agri is to support dairy farmers in making their daily work as easy and profitable as possible. To meet this goals we started a cooperation with CowSignals, they will give you practical tips and tricks to immediately apply at your farm. Watch the videos below and start improving today!




In the next video CowSignals made for us, Joep Driessen talks about weaning stress and how you can avoid it. Here are some clever tips to benefit your herd. Take a look at this next video to find out more!




In this video from CowSignals Joep Driessen talks about lameness, one of the most common health issues among dairy cows. Would you like to find out what you need to look for and how you could prevent lameness? Joep tells you all about it in this video.


Dry Cows


In this next video that CowSignals Training Company made for us, Joep Driessen will talk about cow signals during and before dry off. What are the main things you need to focus on? Check it out in this video.


Heat stress


Although in some countries most of the heat is already gone, in this first video Joep Driessen will talk about heat stress and what you can do to prevent this. Still an interesting topic, because did you know that cows can experience heat stress from 16 degrees Celsius and up? Take a look at this video to learn all about it!