Ferme turcotte et fils, Saint Bruno, Canada

Ferme Parkhurst

Saint Bruno, Canada

123 dairy cows

UNIFORM Canada Gold

In the French part of Canada we can find one of our customers, Ferme turcotte et fils in Saint Bruno. Ferme turcotte et fils is a dairy farm with 123 cows. They chose to work with UNIFORM herd management software, because it is a user-friendly software completely independent from their veterinarians. They see the reproduction as the main challenge on their farm. According to this dairy farmer working with UNIFORM software helps them overcome this problem. “All the rate related to it like the insemination, conception and pregnancy rates are very handy for me, and the most important, always available. It’s easier to follow up and improve my performances. I’m able now to completely take in charge my herd management, vaccination management and my preventive treatment. I don’t need to wait for my veterinarians for this task. I can do it by myself now. Whenever I want, I have a full access to my own data: insemination rate, conception rate and my calving interval. I’m now able to identify the trouble sooner by my own. I enter and consult all my data in only one place, my UNIFORM software and it’s really user-friendly to work with.”

“Also, the UNIFORM-App works well for the vet check. But, if it could be easier to enter remarks in it, I would really appreciate it.” We consider this kind of feedback really valuable and will check if we can implement this in a future update.